Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Media Moguls of Tamale

On Tuesday 21st February, Sala, Dominique, Mercy and Ella went to Radio Savanna 91.2 FM at 8 am to have a conversation about teenage pregnancy and WOSAG's efforts towards reducing this and introducing long term sex education. It went really well; the team were well prepared, eloquent, and the presenter facilitated the discussion brilliantly.

The four of them were all a little nervous, but because they were so passionate about WOSAG and female empowerment it made the conversation with the presenter effortless. Dominique should narrate audio books - what a great radio voice!

The presenter asked out of the box questions (he was genuinely interested in WOSAG) and was also able to translate what the group spoke about into Dagbani which increased the scope and reach of WOSAG and made us visible to more people.

They were also fortuitous enough to meet a journalist at the studio who also works towards female empowerment and was eager for WOSAG to support her and another NGO in delivering Sexual and Reproductive Health education in schools across Tamale. Major stride forward, check out her blog: sayidamalteety.blogspot.com

From left to right : Sala, Dominique and Mercy on air at Radio Savannah

Meanwhile, across the city in Banvim community the rest of the cohort met with the chief (cue taking shoes off, kneeling, clapping, standing up and shoes back on) to present to him cola nuts (as tradition demands) and tell him our intention which he agreed to and gave the go ahead.

Cola nuts : They taste bitter at first, but get sweeter 

 WOSAG then set up chairs, the projector, speakers and treats in an improvised cinema right in the heart of the village. The room also housed the chief's two horses - these stallions also joined us for the awareness raising session from which they know doubt benefited.

We started the day with a questionnaire and discussion about sexual health education in the home to gain the men and women's opinions.

Then, we played a film about two families; one family educates their children about sex, the other doesn't. The consequences were extreme; unsafe abortion, STIs, unplanned pregnancy.
Banvim Community Awareness Raising Event
It got the crowd discussing the issues and how they talk to their children about sex and contraception. We then went through another questionnaire to see if the film has an impact and was understood.

A lot of people changed their opinions and plan to be more verbal and open with their children.

The big turnout at Banvim

We gathered a lot of valuable information from the awareness raising session in Banvim and even recruited three male peer educators who we're going to start training on contraception, recognizing STIs, consent, and how to advise their peers come March 3rd.

Serious progress has been made this week and we can't wait to update you on our next community entries into the junior high-schools ; Banvim Presbyterian and Kanvili R.C.

Also, Mercy did her first Facebook post this week. She's been gaining experience and skills whilst here at WOSAG and is quick becoming a Social Media Pro.

And that's one of the best things about volunteering in a cross-cultural environment - sharing skills and having fun with people.

Mercy gaining social media skillz

Well done Mercy!!

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