Monday, 10 October 2016

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Welcome to the first blog post of cohort 4! 

Today marks the end of our first week in the office, and it’s been one of ups and downs; we have already experienced water shortages and power cuts, leaving us to get creative with our time. Channeling our inner 11 year old, we have embraced felt tips, bubble writing and posters once more!  To begin with we laid down the law by drawing up office rules, with the essential being tea and biscuits every morning. After that we made calendars, malaria tablet tables (we don’t need malaria slowing us down) and posters about our hopes, fears and goals for our time with WOSAG.  We have already had our first hospital visit. Liz found herself there in the middle of the week with a bacterial infection but is doing well now. It is all part of the joys of working in an unfamiliar country as a UK volunteer.

Now down to serious business.

This cohort we have evaluated WOSAG’s past approaches to issues such as domestic violence, sexual health and consent, and have had discussions in which direction we would like to take our project. We recognise the last cohort began to work with men instead of targeting solely women on domestic violence issues and have decided this something worth progressing further. We came up with visual ideas to help schools and women’s groups remember our sensitisations, activities, and discussions on sexual health and consent, with the aim to leave a lasting impression that remains even after we have left.

Friday was World Smile Day, so we decided to dedicate our first social media posts as cohort 4 to it. We took a group photo showing what makes WOSAG smile (gender equality and ending domestic violence!) and posted these on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We also each wrote down what makes us smile as individuals, and we’ve shared them here as a way to introduce the team. Here we all are! 

One of our team leaders, Juliana

Our other team leader, Dave

Written by: Liz and Alice

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